What people are saying


Bonnie helps you to connect with and inspire others, build trust and be clear. Most importantly, Bonnie is a great listener and observer. She has an inviting way of coaching that helps you work on showing the best authentic version of yourself.

-Frans Reichardt - The Client Listener, professional speaker & trainer

"Bonnie gets people to discover new sides of themselves through her passion, humor, and friendly straightforwardness.”

-E. Koops, Mgr. Business Processes

After working with Bonnie I became national champion at Toastmasters humorous speech contest. 
That should say enough.

-Marcel Harmsen, Speaker & Comedian

I was impressed with Bonnie's ability to bring out the best in people. 

-B. Eslami, Global Head Regulatory Affairs, Vifor Pharma

Bonnie's approach is experience oriented. She knows exactly which exercises people need to enable them to grow. Challenging and with clear feedback.

-Jitske Kramer, The Culture Academy

My session with Bonnie really inspired me.
She helped me to take my presentation to the next level!
She has such an open mind and an original approach to presenting, I loved it!

-Marleine Brakenhoff. Trainee KPG Architects


What I learned is beyond my expectations. I didn’t think that the impact would be so big.

-Astrid Boerema, actress

Bonnie is extremely professional, knows exactly what makes a good performance and is in her element around all kinds of people. She's intuitive and smart and knows how to give the actors the tools they need to give their best performance.

-Michael Krass, director

I had the pleasure of working with Bonnie on perfecting my American accent for a major film production.  She is firm but fair, hears every sound and doesn’t miss a beat.
It's not only about pronunciation, but also about the culture and the meaning behind the text. Interpreting the words so you know what to emphasize and understand how to use intonation. People seem to forget that. You learn all of that working with Bonnie.

-Terence Schreurs, actress 

Studying with Bonnie has provided me with the tools and confidence to know what to listen for, in order to keep improving. Bonnie won't let you off easy, but she'll always do it with respect and humor!

-Judith Da Silva, actress

Because Bonnie is an actor, director and still active in the work field, she really knows what she's talking about.
Not to mention just a great and loving person in general. She helped me to improve my jaw and tongue positioning, and I've learned to link my pronunciation to my interpretation, which enhances my performance as an artist.

-Simon Feenstra, Singer

....a nice step-by-step approach that brings you to a higher level. Combining the focus on the (English) language of the text, with acting technique was eye-opening. Maybe you think your English is good enough? Well I suggest you go see Bonnie first.

-Naomi Ebogo, actress

Bonnie's coaching was crucial for the production. ...she made me feel safe, yet challenged. With knowledge, humor and lots of energy, she helped me to rise above myself, while keeping the group of performers focused and united.

-Jürgen Theuns, actor

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