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Bonnie was fantastic! I worked with Bonnie for three sessions to improve my presentation and pitching skills. Bonnie gave me a wonderful framework to prepare my presentations and made me realise that pitching or presenting was never about the presenter themselves but always about the audience in front of them. We turned a technical pitch into one with social impact in just three sessions.

My confidence grew multi-folds, and I am really looking forward to putting my learning to test in the coming months. I would recommend Bonnie to anyone that would like to bring their pitching and presenting skills to next level.

- Madan Raj Rajagopal, Founder at Ludimos 

In preparation for a job as moderator, Bonnie guided me expertly. I was surprised by her spirit and know-how. Her influence helped guard me against countless pitfalls and as a result, I was very confident that day. Thank you, Bonnie ;>)

- Carla Kolner, Research and Advisor, Prevention in the Social Sector

Bonnie coached me during the preparation of my TEDx Talk. She brings a unique mix of creativity and structure. She had the capacity to repeatedly boost my imagination, to expand many angles of my idea, and simultaneously bring it all together to form a very sharp speech.

She is a very interesting woman with tremendous experience and a strong passion for supporting people in public speaking. She is particularly good at deep-diving into your ideas, understanding your thoughts, challenging you to get the most value out of them and expressing yourself best. An inspiring person with whom I would definitely love to work again. Thanks Bonnie for your patience and your passion!

- Carlo Segato, EMEA Solution Consultant

Bonnie was an amazing coach. She helped hone our pitch and gave some brilliant tips for the big presentation. I honestly couldn't have done it without her. 101 things to do before you die... No.42. Book a session with Bonnie Williams.

- Matt Carter, Director/Creative Director/Writer

Bonnie gave me a one hour coaching session on my pitch for my TV series and it really was a complete game changer. In such a short space of time she quickly sussed out everything that was important and what to throw away and really helped me turn something that was relatively stilted and trying to be slick into something natural and affective. It wasn’t just public speaking coaching, it definitely was the whole package.

- Tom Ward-Thomas, Screen Writer and Actor

I cannot thank Bonnie enough for her help and guidance helping to prepare me to pitch at a prestigious media event in London, both over remote video link and at the event itself. Bonnie has a directness, a care and a personal touch that immediately puts you at ease. The points that she makes are focused, insightful and important. Bonnie is very much a 'people person', and understands the swings of confidence and fear when it comes to public speaking. I wouldn't hesitate to use her services again in the future.

- Paul Draper, Writer and Filmmaker

One rarely comes across a coach that truly challenges you as Bonnie does. I had the pleasure of working with Bonnie for the preparation of my TEDx Talk. Bonnie's ability to open my eyes to various angles of viewing a speaking engagement really helped me. I was able to come out of my comfort zone and presentation style and work on a new way of storytelling. Bonnie made sure to challenge me and my abilities and come up with new ways of thinking. Bonnie earns my highest recommendation.

- Bruce Grimes, Senior Key Account Manager, Regional Government (Benelux) - Oracle

I wanted to thank you again for doing such a great job with our group last week.  You did an incredible job of taking us out of our comfort zone and driving home the key elements of public speaking.  I personally won’t forget that memorization is a killer.  As your email descriptor indicates you were the “whole package”. 

- Colin Wickenheiser, Regional Strategy Consultancy Manager, - Shell International, BV.

If all the world is a stage, it's people like Bonnie who ensure that there is APPLAUSE at the end of the performance. Bonnie is an amazing person who connects you to your strengths, helps you with analysing your audience and your content and managing your nervous energy. It has been an absolute pleasure knowing someone with so much positive energy, and working with her to smoothen out my rough edges before taking to the stage.

- Deejay Jayaram, Co-founder/Head of Strategy & Innovation, - MinersInc.

Personally for me- you were a star. The moment you started speaking to us, I instantly felt that we all could relate to you and were loving what you brought to the table. This is a masterclass we will be talking about for sometime. I will make sure to pass on to future masterclass organizers.

- Parth Reddy, Strategy Consultant, Strategy Consultancy Europe, - Royal Dutch Shell 

Bonnie coached me on several occasions. She's inspiring, vibrant, focussed. Bonnie knows how to get you on track. She won't tell you how though - she helps you find out all by yourself. So she's a true coach in the best sense. Working with Bonnie gave me and my foundation a boost. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make a leap, both businesswise and personally.

- Melle Dotinga, Creative Director, - The Wise Ones

I randomly found Bonnie on the internet while looking for an English presentation coach. I am so glad I did. She has been to me more than a performance or dialogue coach. Her ability to truly listen to my ideas without judging, her willingness to honestly understand me as person and in what phase of my preparation I am, go beyond her technical expertise in the field. She is really ’the whole package’ you are looking for.

- Lorenzo, Entrepeneur

With creativity and energy, Bonnie taught me how to speak about my artist practice with precision, humor and impact. She perfectly adapted herself to my context and personality in order to give me personalised precious tools to build my presentation, capture the attention of the public and answer tricky questions. The best is that these techniques are also serving me in my daily life, well beyond my presentation.

- Florence, Visual Artist

I had the pleasure of working with Bonnie as coach for my TEDxAmsterdam Women talk in 2017 on healthy eating. I greatly appreciated her way of handling me, her directness (very un-American!), sense of humor and her tireless effort to help my message come to fruition. Our work together was very effective and great fun!

- Eric van Furth, Clinical Director GGZ Rivierduinen Eating Disorders Ursula

Bonnie helped me craft and practice a 5 minute pitch for my business to attract investors and customers. I found her approach to coaching to be constructive. We began by recording my pitch and then talking about both the overall structure of it and its message, as well as dissecting each line or part to ensure I was maximizing each word. I would work with her again in a heartbeat. 

- Jane Palmer, Founder of Nature Coatings LLC

Bonnie coached me in crystallizing my complex content into engaging messages and great interaction with the audience. The result was: a keynote address was turned into a great opportunity for an impactful moment to inspire people with the mission and move the agenda forward. Because my address was polished, concise, memorable, and highly authentic. 

-Victor Neyndorff, Architect for customer & employee engagement and brand equity growth

Imagine a coach who is able to keep your thinking out of the box, spark your inner creativity, clear your cloudy thoughts and make you laugh every time it is needed. That is how I see Bonnie. After only a couple of sessions with her, I felt more confident to share my vision. It is much easier to present new ideas and get new business if your thoughts are translated into words. That is how Bonnie helped me and I'm sure she can help you too. 

- Lubo Tomko, Experience Designer, Communication Strategist, Entrepeneur 

Bonnie helps you to connect with and inspire others, build trust and be clear. Most importantly, Bonnie is a great listener and observer. She has an inviting way of coaching that helps you work on showing the best authentic version of yourself.

-Frans Reichardt, The Client Listener, Professional Speaker & Trainer

Working with Bonnie was wonderful and very energizing. She took the time to walk my colleague and I through our entire presentation giving us worthy feedback as we went along. Besides helping us with our storyline, Bonnie coached us on how we actually delivered the message. I would recommend Bonnie to anyone preparing for an important presentation or who wishes to improve their presentation skills in general. 

-Johan Lentjes, Sales Executive

Bonnie is a very enthusiastic and driven person, who is focused on getting the best out of people. To work with her is very valuable when you have to give an important presentation. With her passion for performance, she knows how to boost your presentation skills and helps you to perform at your best! 

- Ernestine Telleman, Learning Specialist passionate about creativity & innovation

"Bonnie gets people to discover new sides of themselves through her passion, humor, and friendly straightforwardness.”

-E. Koops, Mgr. Business Processes

After working with Bonnie I became national champion at Toastmasters humorous speech contest. 
That should say enough.

-Marcel Harmsen, Speaker & Comedian

I was impressed with Bonnie's ability to bring out the best in people. 

-B. Eslami, Global Head Regulatory Affairs, Vifor Pharma

Bonnie's approach is experience oriented. She knows exactly which exercises people need to enable them to grow. Challenging and with clear feedback.

-Jitske Kramer, The Culture Academy

My session with Bonnie really inspired me.
She helped me to take my presentation to the next level!
She has such an open mind and an original approach to presenting, I loved it!

-Marleine Brakenhoff. Trainee KPG Architects


Working with Bonnie gave me deeper understanding and insight into the versatility and range of the English language. How to fully use it, what expression lies in it, how to incorporate that into my own way of speaking and acting.

Her approach is personal and specific, always starting from who you are as a person. She’s very good at pinpointing what needs to improved and at the pointing out the progress you've made. This made her coaching both challenging and satisfying. I learnt even more than I thought I would!

-Matthijs vd Sande Bakhuyzen, actor

What I learned is beyond my expectations. I didn’t think that the impact would be so big.

-Astrid Boerema, actress

Bonnie is extremely professional, knows exactly what makes a good performance and is in her element around all kinds of people. She's intuitive and smart and knows how to give the actors the tools they need to give their best performance.

-Michael Krass, director

I had the pleasure of working with Bonnie on perfecting my American accent for a major film production.  She is firm but fair, hears every sound and doesn’t miss a beat.
It's not only about pronunciation, but also about the culture and the meaning behind the text. Interpreting the words so you know what to emphasize and understand how to use intonation. People seem to forget that. You learn all of that working with Bonnie.

-Terence Schreurs, actress 

Studying with Bonnie has provided me with the tools and confidence to know what to listen for, in order to keep improving. Bonnie won't let you off easy, but she'll always do it with respect and humor!

-Judith Da Silva, actress

Because Bonnie is an actor, director and still active in the work field, she really knows what she's talking about.
Not to mention just a great and loving person in general. She helped me to improve my jaw and tongue positioning, and I've learned to link my pronunciation to my interpretation, which enhances my performance as an artist.

-Simon Feenstra, Singer

....a nice step-by-step approach that brings you to a higher level. Combining the focus on the (English) language of the text, with acting technique was eye-opening. Maybe you think your English is good enough? Well I suggest you go see Bonnie first.

-Naomi Ebogo, actress

Bonnie's coaching was crucial for the production. ...she made me feel safe, yet challenged. With knowledge, humor and lots of energy, she helped me to rise above myself, while keeping the group of performers focused and united.

-Jürgen Theuns, actor

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