Actors & Performers

For non-native English speaking actors, presenters and performers.
If you're serious about working internationally, then it's time to find your voice in English.
Prepare to take your career to the next level.
Do the work to get the work.

Dialogue Coaching

Expand your repertoire to reach an international audience. I help you to refine your skills and increase your confidence, from audition to rehearsal to performance. American English accent reduction and consistency, pronunciation and intonation, text analysis and interpretation and more…

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If you’re dedicated to developing your client’s international careers, focused coaching and attention accelerates the process. Help support them to improve their skills and increase their professional opportunities. Read more about my personal and result-oriented approach.

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Production support services 

If you take the quality of your production seriously, then you understand the value of good preparation, attention to detail and consistency on all levels. So do I. When English is the spoken ‘foreign’ language, and you want to guarantee the credibility of your project, I can help. Read how.

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