Working with non-native English speaking talent?

Help develop their international careers
Does their level of English effect their success? Could they use some support? Are they willing to do the work? 

When performers feel at home and confident in English, they:

  • Are better prepared for auditions, screen tests, & self tapes
  • Are more relaxed during interviews and public appearances
  • Expand their repertoire and skill set for improvisation and rehearsals
  • Give more impactful performances

I offer in-person or Skype coaching sessions in American English accent reduction and consistency, pronunciation, intonation, text analysis and interpretation,etc.

Individual or small-scale group coaching available on request.

Broaden professional horizons.

With long term or last minute support for:

  • auditions & self-tapes
  • role preparation and rehearsal support
  • on-set dialogue coaching

Individual or small-scale group coaching available on request.

Contact me to discuss how we can tailor to your needs.



American dialogue coaching workshop

For: non-native English speaking actors, singers or presenters who are ready to put in the work. 

We work on accent reduction and consistency, pronunciation, intonation, text analysis and interpretation, tone of voice and phrasing. All customized to individual needs to help participants feel secure and at ease in English. 

Basic conversational English is required for level 1. Completion of this level, or equivalent proficiency is required for level 2, in which we'll focus more on script work, monologues, scenes, songs and improvisation.

This exclusive workshop is now available for booking upon request.

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