Production support services 

English language services on international productions

For all professional environments
For on-camera (film, television, on-line, commercials), live (stage, events, interviews), studio (music recording, radio or voiceover) productions.

When production quality is what you're going for, here's how I can support you:

  • On-set or in studio coaching and support - to ensure that the actor/performer is relaxed, focused, and ready to deliver
  • Off-set preparation with actors - pronunciation, script & text analysis for character development
  • English language voiceover direction
  • (Pre-)casting language consultation - insight into subtleties for congruent casting choices
  • Translation check - for dialogue and tone of voice consistency

I also offer 'behind the scenes' PItch Coaching, for when your performance has a direct effect on your success. 

Years of experience in front of the camera have given me a rich understanding of how the actor's mind and the production process work. I adapt quickly and discreetly to the needs of both. That's what I bring to the table.

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