Public Speakers & Presenters

You speak to make a difference. To influence the way people think, feel and act. 
When your audience is international, it takes extra focus, awareness, and skill to make the impact you want. 

For non-native English speakers

When English is not your first language, but is your professional language, it can be even more challenging.
Would you like to appear as eloquent in English as you do in your own native language?  I help you find your own voice and natural way of expressing yourself. You increase your confidence and your impact.

Performance Coaching

When you speak to an audience, you’re not just communicating information. Your job is to make sure your message really gets across.
Like actors, speakers need to be stage-worthy, know their material and establish trust in who they are and what they say.

By combining creative methods from the theater, with a vision of how to get the best out of yourself, I help you convey the essence of your message with integrity, enthusiasm and confidence.

To speak with impact. 

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Training & Pitching

Whether you are an experienced trainer, company rep, or director who is used to commanding a room, there are always challenges when dealing with a culturally diverse audience. 

The more command you have over your performance and presentation, the more confident you are. And the better your chances of success will be. 

I help you to speak with confidence.

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Speaker Services

See the various individual or group coaching options I offer, tailor-made to suit your needs. Optimize your performance to increase your impact.

See how we can work together.

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