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Speak with Impact

Find your own voice in English
Work with me to increase your confidence and optimize your performance.

Below are examples of individual or group coaching packages I offer. All coaching options are tailor-made to your needs.

  • You can choose between in-person or Skype coaching sessions, scheduled at your convenience.
  • We work with your own material to stay relevant and effective.
  • All packages include a free 30 minute introductory consultation to get to know each other and determine the right fit.

Feel free to also ask me about:
- Tailor-made group coaching workshops
- Follow-up coaching sessions
- Any other questions or concerns you may have

Single Performance Package
Prepare for a specific presentation, event or conference of any size. This package includes:

  • 3 coaching sessions @ 3 hrs maximum per session (can be a combination of in-person and/or Skype)
  • text editing support from first draft to final touches
  • email, telephone and/or Skype support during 'rehearsal and performance’ period
  • extensive performance and speaker coaching
  • post-event debrief and evaluation (on-line)



Speaker Support Package
Comprehensive coaching for keynote speakers, thought leaders, technical experts, change leaders, CEOs, etc. who speak on a more regular basis.

In clusters of 6 individual sessions, we work to help you develop a strong foundation of confidence and eloquence in English.

Areas of focus include: stucturing content and story, ease with the language, clarity in intonation and interpretaion, improvisation, communicating across cultures, body language, and any other support you need to convey your message consistently with integrity, enthusiasm and natural flair.

Last-Minute Speaker Coaching
One-off last minute ‘fine-tuning’ sessions scheduled usually within a week of the event.

On-Camera and Interview Preparation
For scripted or improvised appearances in promotional and corporate films or Q&A's and panel discussions at live events.

These intensive ‘rehearsals’ help you to focus on your message, delivery and the impact you want to make on your audience. Represent yourself and your organization with a confident, professional performance.

Sessions run from 1.5 to 3 hrs max, either in person or on-line, and can be repeated as needed within the time restrictions.

Training & Pitch Coaching
For trainers, sales reps, account managers, producers, etc. who present to a target audience that is either culturally diverse or different from your own. 

In a series of 2 hour sessions, we work with your own content and material so you are as eloquent in English as you are in your native language.

Areas of focus may include: stucturing content, ease with the language, building your story, pronunciation and intonation, body language, sharpening listening skills, fielding questions, dealing with challenges from your audience, communicating across cultures, and any other support you need to convey your message clearly and compellingly with integrity, confidence and natural flair.

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