Virtual Public Speaking

How to make your pitch even better

A pitch is more than just a presentation of your project. It's an invitation to have a further conversation about it.  To take it to the next level.

So how do you get people interested enough to want to hear more? And how do you get them to remember you?

If you're interested in taking your pitch to the next level, let's schedule a free 30 minute virtual consultation to see if I can help.



Online pitch coaching

Just when you start to get the hang of presenting to a live audience, the playing field goes virtual and there's a new set of rules.

Now you're on the other side of a camera recording video pitches, attending virtual 1:1 meetings, or presenting to an on-screen panel.

“A successful pitch is not a presentation, it is an invitation to have a further conversation.”

By understanding the dynamics that come into play, and developing useful tools and techniques, you'll be better equipped to navigate the virtual environment and make the impression you want.

During these sessions, we focus on fine-tuning the structure, delivery and performance of your pitch.

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Camera shy?

Are you used to speaking to a live audience and find yourself struggling to make an impact now that there's a screen between you and your listeners?  

Engaging your audience online doesn't have to be difficult, but it does require a certain focus. Now more than ever.

In a free 30 minute virtual consultation, we'll explore the challenges you're facing and how I can help you feel more confident speaking to and through the camera.



Virtual Coaching for virtual public speaking

I’ve been coaching speakers online for years. And whatever the platform is, it’s all about your relationship with the audience and conveying the essence of your message with integrity, enthusiasm and confidence.

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